Supreme / Kate Moss Photo Tee - Size M

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Year: 2012

In 2012 Supreme tapped Kate Moss as the featured graphic on their long running line of photo tees that are released pretty much every S/S. But 8 years prior is when the Kate Moss / Supreme “relationship” began when they released the first tee to feature Kate Moss, which came from the whole Calvin Klein controversy (whole story explained in that particular post). That’s what made this whole release a big deal. If the photo tees weren’t hyped enough already, they then went and got Kate Moss for a campaign food their own which many people took as a huge “fuck you” to CK. Granted, that’s never been confirmed by either side so it could just be that the powers at be at Supreme are fans of Kate Moss so they wanted to do something with her but seeing as there is a history there it’s hard to not connect the two. Regardless of the situation, it’s still one of the more sought after pieces within the Supreme community.

Condition: 10/10, brand new.