Supreme Stickers Photo Book

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Supreme Museum and SupStickers, two Instagram pages that have taken the archival of Supreme items to the next level, have teamed up to release a one of a kind coffee table book that centers around one thing and one thing only - Supreme stickers. From being sued by Calvin Klein, the many variants of the box logo, or being the brand most recognized for including free gifts with a purchase - all of this has involved the many unique sticker designs that Supreme has given out over the years. In this book we are giving you an up close look at HUNDREDS of Supreme stickers in high definition photos that feature the stickers original sizes, shapes, and full colors. Each image will be printed on museum quality premium paper so none of the colors get lost in the printing process. Also, the book will feature a a wrap around printed hardcover so that no matter how you choose to display it, it’s sure to be visually pleasing.

1 Copy of Supreme Stickers
1 Collectors Sticker designed by Supreme Museum and SupStickers.